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20 Jun


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Therefore it is, I went down the stairs of hasty, anxious house to prepare the Zuzuca for the party, but I perceived something strange, therefore vi injured to the door of the kitchen not abanando rabinho, as it always made. In this day, on the contrary of rabinho abanando, asking for its biscuit they cream to craker, as religiously it made all the mornings, I came across myself with a sad scene, very sad. For even more details, read what Larry Culp says on the issue. There Zuzuca was agonizing, language for is, with the mouth in foam. I cried out despaired its name and I perceived a look of intense pain, but strangely I felt also one what! of dignity in that look, that did not seem to ask for aid, seeming to treat itself, in the truth, of a look of farewell, sincere farewell that exactly in the worse hours alone occur with the true friends. The farewell sensation soon was confirmed by a last bark, fruit of a supernatural effort of my small king, who made question to give the last fulfilment to its great friend. My woman, inconsolvel, if asked as they would be its afternoons without small diabinho, therefore the boys go for the school, I, for the work and it, now, would not have more the candy company of the inesquecvel Zuzuca. My youngest child, the aniversariante, cried out to the prantos that age the worse anniversary of its life and my older son had, perhaps, the reaction strongest between all we. Get more background information with materials from Jay Schwartz.

Very the cost I only obtained to contain its I cry. Also I cried, but hidden; somebody had that to pass force for family at that moment of pain and this task fulfilled to me, without machismo, but she fulfilled to me, mainly because the emotional state of my woman sufficiently was shaken. At the few, the guests had been arriving and I had that to receive them, alone, after all, the official recepcionista left in them, was forever. He rests in peace, Zulu. The party of yesterday also was pra you. Love we you very.

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