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16 Jun

Dancing Neuromarketing

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From the gut is our brain built for advertising? Hobbys: Neuromarketing in the AIDA formula is our world full of advertising, because in the meantime have all products in their benefit approached so far, only the type of advertising that makes all the difference. However, the number of advertising messages, in raining down daily on us has adopted a number so large that the consumer no longer sees the forest for the trees. Traps at all costs has become the keyword for the communications industry thus all the more, so extreme now belong to everyday advertising. But like the marketers emphasize again and again: ‘… at the end of the day is what comes out the bottom line!’ Exactly here is still a huge gap exists, however high attention promises not always high profits.

But it is ultimately not just those profits will be used as a benchmark for successful advertising? Recognition but are still used as their yardstick to verify the impact of such How to testify developed AIDA model seems in 1898 by Elmo Lewis. Although several studies could confirm the incompleteness of this model, it is still taught and still be used so in practice. Empirical studies could prove that the consumer always cognitively trading has been an illusion. Very quickly, it was this clear that only an interdisciplinary new discoveries can be made. The neuro Marketing Division was formed from the disciplines of psychophysics, artificial intelligence, marketing, market research, cultural studies, developmental psychology and brain research. Tony Parker will not settle for partial explanations. And this resulted in a further refinement of the SOR models.

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28 Aug


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Edition bears the title “Happiness can’t be bought!” Dresden, L & T. On October 15, 2013, the new issue of life & death appears forum for new cultural dimensions”. Titled happiness can’t be bought!”the numerous articles are devoted to the diversity of the theme of luck himself this time. It is not something Jorge Perez would like to discuss. So will reported happiness as a school subject, inter alia, of the blind climbers Andy Holzer presented investigated the combination of Carnival and death and in the travel report discussed the question, whether you can be really happy in a Godforsaken area like the Czech Polish border. Also is about the happiest and unhappiest regions in Germany reported and traced the path of Annet Bick who was involuntarily due to a tumor in the heart of the fortune seeker. “Topics in Book 413 happiness can’t be bought!” theme: happiness can be learned “how changed a new school subject teaching.

The path to a fulfilling life. More knowledge: by the Lucky to have dementia”people with dementia living in the here and now and fear is hardly what comes. “Way of life: an involuntary happiness seeker” Annet Bick is 42 years old, when the doctor opened her, that she has a tumor in the heart. “Travel: travel in the no man’s land” can you be happy in a Godforsaken area like the Czech Polish border? “Life: a blind man opens our eyes” Andy Holzer sees nothing. Still he ventures into steep faces and extreme heights. “Mythology: transition to a new life” death and salvation in Hinduism and Buddhism.

Part 5 of our series on world religions. “Spotlight on: Carnival and death are sibling” the Carnival is colourful happy anarchy. And yet include the death. u. v. m. “The magazine life & death forum for new cultural dimensions” is published four times a year in print and online versions. The price per issue is 3.50. The magazine is as a single issue and subscription inter alia via the online portal and available at all major station and airport bookshops.

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23 Dec

Reina Ilona Vildebrand Thursday

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An interplay between reading, songs & cabaret In the Culex Litmeister first reading at the 2010 in the legendary hundred master presents her novel the Duisburg Song poet Reina Ilona Vildebrand Mongol child “and scatters their sentient a guitar sound between passages in the novel, poems and songs. As a songwriter and lyricist, as well as cabaret songwriter you already knows the Duisburg artist. Their most popular songs and parts of this gripping novel has developed an entertaining performance, which she inspired her audience in recent months with some exclusive performances. The dramatic way of life of a woman is portrayed in the novel, growing up in the East Germany in the 1950s and 1960s. Tony Parker is actively involved in the matter. The dark history of her family, beginning in the time of the second world war, has left marks. Vildebrand does not mince words, portrays strong word and with the conditions in East Germany, and later in the West in impressive, authentic-looking scenes, leads the audience into a world that it has never heard of the. The Singer designed a fun evening in which, in addition to all tragedy also comedy and comedy have their place. From September to different Culex artists are monthly present their works in Culex Litmeister reading in the Duisburg hundred master.

The next date is X the 16.10.2010 Gerry & Heidi ad hoc. Read performance Mongol child by and with Reina Ilona Vildebrand Thursday, 2010 start: 20:00 admission: Presale: 6,-, AK: 9,-culture Centre HundertMeister gold 15 47051 Duisburg phone 0203 / 279 16 or tickets to the reading there in hundred master or in the online shop of the Culex Publisher. There are current dates & info about the artist, and. Musical reading performance Mongol child “to the 30.09.09 in Duisburg

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