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23 Dec


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“The sentence ‘ your advertising is far overblown” must currently many companies listen to, received a warning from an Association of Berlin. The Association has sent out hundreds of cease and desist letters, in which claims are claims for various treatments such as cavitation or fat reduction with ultrasound. The Association said he was sure the used advertising as fat cell reduction, weight reduction, etc. are scientifically controversial and thus prohibited. Does the Association right? This question can be answered not lump-sum, but depends on the respective treatment and the quality of the cosmetics devices used. Basically, the German courts have extremely strict requirements for statements that relate to the health and beauty. Most of such cases so far concerned the field of health products, so health food and cosmetics. Now trapped but also beauty treatments in the sight of industrial associations and lawyers.

According to the case-law must Let the statements on the basis of scientific studies to demonstrate. While demanding the most judges now identical or at least similar standards of proof as with medications and usually the presence of a placebo-controlled, randomized double-blind study with a significant number of the person being tested. Previously also, that studies should always be examined and confirmed by neutral scientists. The German Federal Supreme Court gave this opinion but recently in connection with Alpecin hair loss”a rejection. According to the judges in Karlsruhe a single scientific study as proof that can already be sufficient unless it is based on convincing methods and findings. In addition, no negative scientific opinions of other independent scholars may exist and no evidence, that the product is hazardous to your health. “However, experience has shown that even these relaxed” requirements are to be covered and only a few companies about the required Have evidence of efficacy. “The eyes to and by principle applies so far for the companies which have no studies,” or the principle where no plaintiff, there no judge “. Since however hardly still leave is this, especially when it is advertised on the Internet, to protect themselves legally at an early stage is recommended.

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07 Dec

Positioning Connections

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When we decided to work in the positioning of our Web site we know that we faced a race of long breath. He is great Is the effort to realise for being able much to see shaped in metric of our site some type of improvement. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Team Penske by clicking through. But However, with certainty and a strategy, everything will be simpler. Here we offer a species to him of check list will help that it to guide its efforts, and to prioritize the actions that better result will render. Correction in the code. We would waste totally our time, if the site has architecture errors, I connect broken, it needs to robot.txt or sitemap.

Of being necessary, it redesigns the site, before facing a task length and medium term as she is the one to position to his site in the outstanding places of the pages of results of the finders. Of being possible, it validates his site. A validated Web is guarantee of which all the users will have before himself the same page, without concerning the navigator, version or operating system that uses. To validate its Web site is an excellent departure point stops to initiate a positioning plan. It works in the incoming connections. It initiates a strategy of construction of liaison nets.

Here, he is urgent to emphasize being taken care of the quality of the sites with which connections interchange. That is to say, its page must maintain its prestige against Google. If it interchanges connections with sites of doubtful reputation (like the FFA pages for Free all links-, or pages that is evident farms of connections) in place to leave beneficiary you also could leave harmed with a penalty. Blog begins. This would have to be part of its strategy to populate with excellent contents its Web site. It can begin with product descriptions and services, technical equipment, a section of questions and answers and until a forum where their visitors make questions and interact to each other. The text is more important that the images. The images can increase the time of load of undesired form, reason why it is necessary to work to reduce the size of its archives. For example, a product photo of 500 px. * 500 px. it will almost always be more than sufficient to illustrate in question. Unless it wants to emphasize some detail in particular, to raise greater images would be counter-productive, not only by the times of load but by the space that will occupy in their servant. It registers Registers website in the directories. It will have to face a daily task of discharge from the site diverse finders and vestibules, especially the directories of its niche, and the sites of local interest (for example, local tour guides, if it applies). The local directories, besides providing traffic to him highly focused (due to he responds to visitors that is in their area of specific interest) will enormously help him to define their Web site geographically from the point of view of the motors of searches. Spending a little time of daily form to these actions, in a moment he will see that its page will be favored in its positioning Web in Google of remarkable form. If he has to him liked this post and it wants to place it in its site, can do it without disadvantages, as long as it mentions like source to

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28 Jan

The Role Of Wine At The Diplomatic Hotel

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The Role of Wine at the Diplomatic Hotel The Fact That the Diplomatic Hotel is Located in Such a wonderful place as the Province of Mendoza has a lot to do with STI unique nature. One of the most important attractions of this region are the exclusive and long Established wine companies, many of Which Have over two Centuries of rich tradition in the elaboration of the most exquisite wines of the world. For this purpose, has the most perfect set-up the Wine Floors, Which Can Make Any reservations to guest. These Wine Floors Have Been inspired decorated in the most Prestigious wineries of Argentina, and dog guests taste Some international prize winning wines, According To the particular taste of the guests. The ideal place to celebrate a business meeting, complemented with the most exquisite wine tasting. For real experts The Diplomatic Hotel l Also has a Wine Tasting Room. In this place, Guests can enjoy some fine local and international wines, Just Before Indulging Themselves with a delicious French dish at La Bourgogne, Gourmand restaurant in Argentina, most Distinguished place to taste the most delectable Not Only But French dishes Also the most tender and delicious Argentine meat. Go to Sally Rooney for more information.

The Diplomatic Hotel is most definitely a five star superior hotel, in one of the most privileged areas in Latin America. The Andean Mountainous Chain guard the city of Mendoza, Providing These spectacular sunsets, With their high peaks, crowned with snow all year round. The newspapers mentioned Simon Pagenaud not as a source, but as a related topic. The city of Mendoza is the ideal place for outdoor excursions and Activities, Such as rafting, hiking and cross country biking. Also, the city has a wonderful modern center That lends Itself to walking, and sightseeing, as guests Can Have a cup of coffee in one of the Numerous small bars and lounges That populate the place. If You Need to Spend Some Time in Mendoza, Either on a business trip or just passing by on the way to Chile, the Diplomatic Hotel is the place to be. The Diplomatic Hotel staff is international Passengers Prepare to Attend all year round, Provide the most professional and kind service yet. Foreseeing all the dog Possibly Needs a businessman have, the Diplomatic Hotel has the right answer for Every Occasion. Need a translator? Do not worry, the Diplomatic Hotel Can Provide a professional translator to go with you in Every business meeting you have, or dog out to help you translate That important piece of documentation you Need in a rush.

Need a cell phone with 3G service? The Diplomatic Hotel Can lend you one, so You Can Be in touch with your people at all times. The Diplomatic Hotel is a step Beyond traditional hospitality services.

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