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26 Jul

Practical Diet Strategies

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Take off with the diet books from and usually feel can lead to a huge rethink of look in the mirror. Tony Parker often says this. To detect fatty deposits and even not more comfortable feel in your own body. Learn more about this with Robbie Lawler. So is the decision to go on a diet. There are many ways, the diversity knows no bounds. But often the result isn’t what you expected and what was promised one before. The following five ways work and guarantee weight loss and fitness gain. Revolutionary diet ideas”slim assumes in his sleep, that we will burn the most fat when we sleep. Because we are moving at night actually not really much, this claim may sound paradoxical at first; It is however scientifically proven.

It is important that you feed the body at the right time with the right mix of nutrients. Morning you should build on carbohydrates in the evening, however, rather on protein-rich food. Also revolutionary tried it in the new Dr. Ulrich Strunz Diet”. This builds on the support of enzymes, which are just waiting to help with weight loss. Through the right training and customized nutrition, they are activated and trained so intensively to help burn fat. Just the diet the ZDF convert FAT way!”variant could prove to have great success. In accordance with the principle of energy density it comes first, that no one has to forgo its preferences.

In this guide, those things that we want to eat, but rather should not be faced with the healthy alternatives. Then the realization takes place after which foods help with weight loss and which you should avoid more. Also, the name of weight watchers’ has fallen already often and in fact already noticeable weight loss show up after the 4-weeks plan. All food get mapped to a certain point value. Each person has a point limit, which may not exceed and determined by initial weight and age. Using of sport, you can earn points. Thanks to the versatile recipes and strategies in order to remain steadfast, the desired weight is soon approaching. “Guaranteed success also provides sports variant, the man thanks to Wii Fit plus incl. Balanceboard” can bring in your own four walls. So, the frequently excuse of bad weather offers no alternative. More great ideas on the subject of weight loss can be found in the online-shop of, as well as in the blog. Contact: GmbH & co. KG stone Ford 65 a 86167 Augsburg phone: 0821/4502-0 fax: 0821/4502-299 E-Mail: Web: about is the online shop with over seven million items from the categories of books, audiobooks, eBooks, movies, software, electronics, music downloads and toys. Numerous price hits range from and endearing to search the shop for bargains on the Internet. Customers get free shipping with your order and can choose the shop without minimum order. It is each order with bonuses from the webmiles bonus programme rewards. has its headquarters in Augsburg and ovan1311261068 is a joint venture of Axel Springer AG, Holtzbrinck networks GmbH and the Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH.

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11 Jun


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High-quality decorative cosmetics now available aims to further expand Mercatura the popularity and success of STAGECOLOR in the conEstilio Web shop by the strategic partnership with conEstilio. The cooperation is oriented so that also our portfolio partners will gain a stronger supply this.”says Jan Korting, Sales Director of Mercatura cosmetics Biotech AG. “The products fit, not only in the conEstilio philosophy beautify your life” but perfectly complement the existing range of cosmetics from conEstilio “, so Peter Hattingh, Managing Director of styleau GmbH. STAGECOLOR – this name is program. The international catwalks-inspired products that inside and outside deliver what they promise and set new standards for women, which is deliberately maintain and treat yourself the attention which they deserve – every day on the new. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Simon Pagenaud on most websites. The STAGECOLOR product range not only a wide standard range around the eyes, lips, make-up and nails, but also limited products and trendy colours provides, with the inspirational influence of The expression comes top make-up artists and international catwalks. Combined with sensual colors emphasize the individual beauty of each woman and let shine featherlight textures. STAGECOLOR is a brand, continues the trends – innovative products and seductive colours make it a must-have”of the modern woman.

The products are highly effective ingredients and optimal skin compatibility. They embody the passion for beauty, care and stimulation of skin, body and senses. The luxurious packaging of products with a sense of feel and functionality and the aesthetic quality of the natural and intense colors make as individual as the women the STAGECOLOR products, as exciting as the stage of her life. Demanding women who want to enjoy this luxury of decorative cosmetics, can now refer the exclusive conEstilio Web shop or directly from conEstilio consultants and beauticians STAGECOLOR and consult as well as in conEstilio in all cosmetic questions. Explore conEstilio and Stagecolor now under stagecolor

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06 May

Beauty And Vitality In Old Age, We Know The Secret!

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Beauty comes from within – the proof! A recent study with a pure product of the plant showed that the samples antae, the already grey coloring of their hair, in a period of 6 months when consumption of the product up to 28.6%, average 18.5%, went back and began to show the original hair color. Optimal nutrition of cells with micro – and macro-nutrients is the other one thing, regeneration and healing of the body. The wrong permanent diet and lack of physical misconduct damage the cells and creates the environment including for withered skin, hair loss and physical weaknesses. You may find that Eva Andersson-Dubin can contribute to your knowledge. Thanks to improved technologies it is possible deeper and deeper into the human organism to penetrate. This latest findings regarding the self-renewal system are”the body has been discovered. Researchers from the United States have gone a completely new way.

You have discovered this auto renewal system of the human body and studied. You found that a higher proportion of adult (adult) stem cells into the bloodstream with an optimal health and vitality is equal. This realization has nothing to do with the controversial embryonic stem cell research, but with adult stem cells, which every human being (animal) has since its birth. They found that certain release of stem cells in the body parts of a plant within an hour to up to 30% (= approx. 5 million) increase. This released more stem cells are conducted into the bloodstream messengers to their destination, where they make up the tissue cells, which reproduce and literally replace the corresponding tissue with new cells. Target”we see an impaired organ damaged in this case solid nerves, hair, skin, wounds etc. Appropriate studies the scenario outlined here briefly could be detained, confirmed and proved.

Our body is designed so that everything is regulated by means of natural substances and can be regenerated. It is possible to find the complex bodily structures and to support the functions Botanicals. A recent study with the plant product indicated here showed that the samples antae, the already grey coloring of their hair, in a period of 6 months when consumption of the product up to 28.6%, average 18.5%, went back and began to show the original hair color. Stem cells can be detected in the blood by special investigation. A young person aged between 20 and 25 years has an average about 25 million adult stem cells in the blood, this constitutes his youthfulness and vitality. An aging man loses due to his self-created life steadily on stem cells. In the retirement age it is normally by only 5 million adult stem cells in the blood stream. With the increasing decline of stem cells, the physical decay, usually visible is accompanied by hand-in-hand with loss of beauty and vitality. What Hill by the more natural stem cell release in one’s own body is is for us humans, can we measure currently only with incredulous wonder. We realize that our body consists of trillions of cells, one can imagine, that it is each allows, even on their own responsibility, to a friendlier future with more beauty and vitality in the age. The StammZellenPowerTeam Hartmut Schulz

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04 May

Showering And Bathing – Friendly And Correct Skin Care

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It’s amazing, shower and bath tips what skin does with everything and endures. It is easy to forget that it is a very delicate organ. Skin care is vital. The outer shell of the human skin is a mixture of fat and water, called acid mantle. This coat protects against infections, and we can measure it chemically with the Ph. Is now too much expected of the skin, too much bathing, showering, SOAP or through excess use of cleaning agents, such as wrinkle cream or anti aging cream, device the natural system of protection of the skin from the clock.

Of course you want to be clean and well maintained, but you can do too much of the good. SOAP or SOAP should be used only there, where it is necessary, so in places where the man sweat. For the rest of the body, water pure enough. This cleans and makes naturally beautiful. Take a shower once a day is enough. Get all the facts and insights with Anna Belknap, another great source of information.

It is ideal, only warm, and finally to use just cold water. 3 minutes is enough. Also proper bathing time and temperature limits apply. 10 minutes to do well at a water temperature of around 37 degrees. Everything else entails only the skin. And even the dry is important. Because after showering or bathing, the skin is swollen up, and as a result, the pores open. It dries is right, immediately close the pores, and keep the precious body’s moisture. To protect the skin, good bath and shower preparations manufactured with a pH value, which corresponds to the value of a healthy skin, so that the acid mantle is not attacked. In addition, the skin should be more resistant to environmental influences. Where is the amount of foam, there is not necessarily too much gentle care. The white Crown on the water are not kind to the skin. More and more bath accessories are free of colorants and manufactured without or with very few preservatives. That is friendly to the skin. People with dry skin and those who want to use no oil should reach for a cream bath additive. Are pleasant Shower accessories, which supply the skin also equal protective cream. This automatic creams ranges only the normal skin. If you have dry skin, should apply with a matching cream after. In the selection of cleaning agents, irritated the diversity and the number of products often. A good orientation aid offers Stiftung Warentest, or also the oko Test. You test and evaluate the products usual in the trade according to the various criteria, such as for example skin and environmental compatibility.

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