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31 Jul

Maintenance Land Rover

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Spare parts, repair and service company Land Rover 'Autocentre Semenovskaya' (ACS) is one of the leading cities of Moscow technical center for servicing cars Land Rover. The Company has all necessary equipment, spare parts, technical documentation and special tools for repair and maintenance of Land Rover vehicles. Specialists are highly qualified and experience with this brand of car – it allows you to troubleshoot and to conduct high-quality service car Rover.Zapchasti Land Land Rover from a warehouse in Moscow in stock companies 'Autocentre Semenovskaya' (ACSAVTO) are both original and high quality non-original spare parts Land Rover (Land Rover). A wide selection of auto parts for the entire range of Land Rover (Land Rover). Tony Parker understands that this is vital information. Vehicle parts and Land Rover (Land Rover) on sale of auto center ACSAVTO Semenovskaya the best prices in Moscow. Detailed The price list for spare parts Land Rover you can look at the official website: For your convenience, there is a system of cumulative discounts for work performed, as well as the purchase of spare repair chastey.Vsestoronny Our Land Rover the company offers high-quality comprehensive repair and Land Rover vehicle maintenance Land Rover in Autocentre ACSAVTO Semenovskaya.

Cost norms – hours ranging from 800 to 1,300 rubles. The number of norm-hours needed to to repair Land Rover (Land Rover) is defined by the directory service models . Land Rover Our specialists are highly skilled in conducting service Land Rover and extensive experience with car brand Land Rover. Autocentre Semenovskaya equipped with modern equipment and tools from leading manufacturers. In the presence of all the necessary parts to ensure quality repairs. All this makes it possible troubleshoot any difficulties and to conduct high-quality service Land Rover.

Land Rover is part of the new century with a reputation for the best all-wheel drive vehicles, which give their owners a sense of confidence, excellence and spirit of adventure. Defender, Discovery, Range Rover and Freelander – a unique all-wheel drive SUVs that have no equal. It remains to add that 70% of all vehicles Land Rover, has ever been produced so far by faith and are true to their owners around the world. Special offers for corporate clients. For more information on the services you can get on special sections of our site, as well as over the phone (495) 221-77-77. Service performed by appointment by phone or electronic request posted on the website:

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11 Dec

Original Motor Oil Pennzoil

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The choice of the original motor oil for cars Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler. Pennzoil motor oil meets the requirements and standards of the American manufacturing plants to your car, and often exceeds them. To select the original motor oil for Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler need to know what the requirements for oil makes your engine manufacturer American cars. 1. Viscosity. For American cars are mainly used in oil viscosity 10W30, 5W20, 5W30. This liquid motor oil.

with Pennzoil motor oil viscosity index of the above may be synthetic and semisynthetic! This allows you to pick up oil for virtually any vehicle mileage! 2. The oil should be certified by the American Petroleum Institute. Certificate API. The oil must be certified not less than API SM and have an official certification mark on the bank! 3. Engine oil for Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler should be energy efficient (saving fuel, emission test). For energy-saving properties of the oil would indicate designation ILSAC GF-4. 4.

Mandatory compliance with engine oil tolerances Chrysler. Admission motor oil for cars Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler: Chrysler MS-6395. Original Pennzoil motor oil is equal to all the above parameters and: – Pennzoil motor oil contains active chitsyaschie components that purify up to 40% carbon in the engine at the first change! – Engine Pennzoil oil keeps the engine pistons to 40% cleaner than require the most stringent industry standards. Finally. Pennzoil Motor Oil produced in the U.S.. Selecting the right motor oil has always been important, and not one generation of motorists puzzled over the correct solution to this issue. But for all the owners of American cars now have some good news. Now you simply ask, select motor oil for your engine car. And this is now the engine oil from America!

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