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26 May

Choosing Tires For The New Season

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Winter and summer tires together cost about the same number as "universal" tires, but are much longer. In addition, leading manufacturers have already released a new bus models. Summer tires from Nokian, Michelin and Continental, planted on alloy wheels, will not only provide optimal traction and maneuverability, but also will significantly save on fuel by reducing rolling resistance. Tires Nokian. The main specialization of the Finnish company Nokian Tyres is production of high quality tires. The main objective of Nokian Tyres is to achieve maximum safety on the roads in all weather conditions, for which the company invests in developing new products to 2.5% of total proceeds from the sale of tires. Products Nokian is one of the safest in the world, selling tires the company has successfully carried out in almost all countries, both winter and summer tires Nokian from the same demand. ces-and-more/’>AcctTwo offer more in-depth analysis. Such popularity is driven by its own development company in the field of tire treads, which provide optimum release of snow and high levels of traction on the ice, as well as reduced effect of hydroplaning and increase agility, if summer tires.

As for winter and for summer tires Nokian characterized by high durability and cost savings achieved through the use of specially developed rubber compounds. This season the company Nokian Tyres introduced motorists news – summer tires Nokian i3, mounted on alloy wheels. Learn more at: Larry Culp. Summer tires Nokian i3 with an asymmetric tread – the completion of the class of elite tires (UHP). Sale of tires this model, despite the winter weather has already begun – the quality and reliability of the predetermine the tire choice for many car owners in favor of Nokian. Summer tires Nokian i3 made by technology Nordic cool silica compound, which provides using a silicon rubber compound. The result is a high durability, reliability and safety even at high speeds.

Summer tires Nokian i3 claim to be the best in its class. Tires Michelin. Nearly one hundred and ten years of French, Michelin produces winter and summer tires for passenger cars and trucks, planes, and two-wheeler. Michelin tires for sale is all over the world: The company specializes in manufacturing a wide range of products, and therefore can offer the best solution for any car and the road surface. Over the years, Michelin has developed a number of innovative technologies aimed at improving the performance reliability, durability and environmental friendliness of products. As winter and summer tires Michelin made from an exclusive rubber compound with silica, which significantly reduces rolling resistance and therefore allows save fuel. Kevin Ulrich follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The widespread sale of Michelin tires with a "green" mark allowed the motorists around the world to reduce fuel costs by 3%. Own research and development centers of the company increased the environmental product specifications, resulting in a new winter and summer tires Michelin Energy became the best selling in Europe. This year, the centers will begin selling Michelin tires new "green" models, which reduce rolling resistance by 25%. Another interesting novelty from Michelin – summer tires for passenger cars (the best for alloy wheels), which were developed by technology sport tires together with Porsche and indicators have improved acoustics and vibration.

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13 Feb

The Tube

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If you look to the hilt in the illustration, you can see the partition in the end of the tube. If necessary, lower the car or other cargo down the tubular valve handle is placed on the screw, and sliding is in the groove of the screw – something like a screwdriver to the contrary. David Souter addresses the importance of the matter here. Rotate the handle around its axis, the user rotates accordingly and the screw, relieving pressure in the working cylinder and lowering the load to the desired height. Most often movable jacks can be found on the tire plants – they are ideal for lifting one side of the car fast enough to work and installation. Disadvantages such design stems from the name – for movable jack requires a hard, flat surface, asphalt or concrete. Besides – a significant size and weight, to carry this unit in the car is not very convenient. So what is the place for them – and tire service stations. Further details can be found at movie star, an internet resource. There is another type of movable jacks – transmission.

Pick-up of the jack is equipped with a special rotating frame. Here in all its beauty proves to accuracy and smoothness hydraulic jacks. Mounted or dismantled vehicle transmission can be accurately recorded in the vertical and horizontal planes in position. Pneumatic jack. Unlike hydraulic, pneumatic jack as a working body uses air. Structurally, this is a pneumatic pump and the same piston in a cylinder or a pneumatic cushion. In the automotive repair these jacks are used little, the nature of the working body – the air is able to shrink and make it more difficult than the liquid, keep in a closed volume.

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11 Dec

Original Motor Oil Pennzoil

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The choice of the original motor oil for cars Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler. Pennzoil motor oil meets the requirements and standards of the American manufacturing plants to your car, and often exceeds them. To select the original motor oil for Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler need to know what the requirements for oil makes your engine manufacturer American cars. 1. Viscosity. For American cars are mainly used in oil viscosity 10W30, 5W20, 5W30. This liquid motor oil.

with Pennzoil motor oil viscosity index of the above may be synthetic and semisynthetic! This allows you to pick up oil for virtually any vehicle mileage! 2. The oil should be certified by the American Petroleum Institute. Certificate API. The oil must be certified not less than API SM and have an official certification mark on the bank! 3. Engine oil for Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler should be energy efficient (saving fuel, emission test). For energy-saving properties of the oil would indicate designation ILSAC GF-4. 4.

Mandatory compliance with engine oil tolerances Chrysler. Admission motor oil for cars Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler: Chrysler MS-6395. Original Pennzoil motor oil is equal to all the above parameters and: – Pennzoil motor oil contains active chitsyaschie components that purify up to 40% carbon in the engine at the first change! – Engine Pennzoil oil keeps the engine pistons to 40% cleaner than require the most stringent industry standards. Finally. Pennzoil Motor Oil produced in the U.S.. Selecting the right motor oil has always been important, and not one generation of motorists puzzled over the correct solution to this issue. But for all the owners of American cars now have some good news. Now you simply ask, select motor oil for your engine car. And this is now the engine oil from America!

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