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15 May

Riet Berger Cheese

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Country dairy stone location increases the goat herd – offspring from the German noble goats. The dairy of stone located in the North Rhine-Westphalia Rietberg Druffel welcomed the next generation of their farm’s own herd of goats. The white German noble goats, the goat cheese stone location brought numerous sweet baby goats in the world (see photo). Due to the baby break of the goats mothers no goat cheese is temporarily available, because the goat’s milk for the goat cheese is once reserved for the baby goats. The little kids can be admired on the farm of country dairy stone location, for example during a visit of the farm’s own cheese shop or a visit to the cheese dairy.

Of course, the entire assortment of homemade goat cheese specialities in the farm shop and in the cheese shop is available apart from the goat cheese. In the private family dairy are numerous, hand made goat cheese variants as soft cheese, hard cheese, semi-hard cheese and semi-firm cheese manufactured in best traditional cheese dairy master craftsmanship. At the stone location country dairy cheese enjoys a sufficiently long maturity time, to ensure the unique taste. Cheese highlights of the dairy brand Riet Berger’s own and unique cheese creations are kids that are mild, spicy or even even exotic. And soon also the popular goat fresh cheese in flavours: natural, fig and chili mango are available again.