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27 Jul

Sweet Home Alabama

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The winner of two awards bafta, Oscar for lead, two awards of the Golden Globes. The most famous movies with her participation – "Sense and Sensibility" (1995), "Titanic" (1997), "Iris" (2001), "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" (2004). vegetarian, she taught a "green" food and their children – eight year old Mia and five-year Joe. Benjamin Franklin – scientist, journalist, publisher, diplomat, politician worker, a mason. One of the leaders of the war for the independence of the United States. The first American who became a foreign member of Russian Academy of Sciences. Very well known statement vegetarian Franklin "I would rather spend money on books than on meat.

Anastasia – Russian writer, the daughter of Professor Ivan Tsvetaeva, the younger sister of Marina Tsvetaeva. Anastasia Tsvetaeva was a vegetarian, drenched in cold water, until recent years maintained a clear intelligence, courage, hard work and very fond of walking. Adriano Celentano – Italian actor, singer, songwriter, producer, social activist and broadcaster. In Italy, earned the nickname "Molleggiato" (Italian for springs) – for his manner of moving on stage. Since 2005, Adriano Celentano is a vegetarian and advocates for the rights of animals (in his own words, with the exception of insects:)).

Celentano points to the following the benefits of vegetarianism: health, impact on the industry "holocaust" of conscious beings, to declare that "not because of me, lambs and goats slaughtered at skotoboynyahna Christmas and Easter." Olga Whisperwind – popular Russian television and radio (MTV Russia, Muz-TV", "CCC", "Star", Radio Mayak and others), actress, VJ-journalist. Prize winner "Sweet Home Alabama" in nomination "The most stylish leading television screen and "Radiomania" in the Best presenter of the show, nominated for "Taffy" as "Best Leading entertainment." Olga is enough to quote in order to understand her vegetarian principles: "In my time I gave up products of animal origin solely for ethical reasons. Why someone should die, what would I lived sated? "George Bernard Shaw – British (Irish and English) writer, novelist, playwright, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. Public figure (a socialist-"fabianist, a supporter of reform of the English alphabet). The second (after Shakespeare) most popular playwright in the English theater. The only person awarded both the Nobel Prize for Literature "for creativity, marked by idealism and humanism, a sparkling satire, which is often combined with an exceptional poetic beauty") and Academy Award winner (1938, for script for the film "Pygmalion"). Shaw refused the cash portion of the Nobel Prize in literature (but received a medal winner. Ardent vegetarian Bernard, who lived to 94 years, first complained that he pick on doctors, be sure that no meat, he will not live long. Then he noted with satisfaction: all the doctors, worried him, had already died long ago. Vegetarian seniority Show – 70! Orlando Bloom – a British actor. Won fame roles in the film trilogy "Lord of the Rings" adventure film "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" (2003) and its sequels). Sometimes the directors for the role of Bloom's made vegetarian to eat meat, that fact strongly disliked. Keanu Reeves – Canadian-American actor and musician (bass player). Best known for his role as Neo in the trilogy "The Matrix". In addition, in 1990 he was the bassist in the group Dogstar, and in the early 2000's in the group Becky. Uma Thurman – American actress. The most famous in the film Kill Bill. Vegetarian for 11 years.

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