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05 Jan

Subliminal Advertising

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We can find the technology subliminal practically in every medium of mass media such as television, movies, the Internet and perhaps also radio and computer programs. This technology is not new, since the end of the 1800 can be found the first modern references to this technology. The subliminal programming aims to produce a response specific to different stimuli to which the individual is exposed. Big companies seek to insert images of certain brands in the mind of the consumer. And subliminal advertising achieves this objetivote quick, effective and lasting way. But this kind of advertising is forbidden in many countries of the world such as the United States of America. This gives us an idea of its effectiveness.

Since by that ban something that doesn’t work? We all know that to pass a law requires a broad debate and extensive research. We ask ourselves then is subliminal advertising as effective to the extent of prohibiting it? From which we can conclude that if the subliminal advertising has been banned is because it is indeed very effective, to the extent that is required legal protection for individuals in the mass. A question that might arise is why is subliminal advertising so effective? The answer is that subliminal technology, used in subliminal advertising, is so effective because jumps the barriers that the mind puts toward everything comes to normal consciousness. Since subliminal technology escapes to the normal scrutiny of consciousness, hence the sub (by below of; in this case below, or out of the ordinary consciousness), then comes direct to the subconscious. And to get directly to the subconscious then it achieves a very fast of mind reprogramming. And this reprogramming has been used for questionable purposes, but this powerful technology can also be used to achieve profound changes in people’s subconscious minds. Add to your understanding with George Laughlin.

Desired changes, tracked changes. Changes that will bring you to the life you want. For example, if you have limiting beliefs with with respect to money, abundance, living well, etc. This technology can reprogram your mind to turn it into a powerful magnet that attracts everything you want. Each video must be designed for a specific purpose. For example the subliminal videos living in luxury, are designed to reprogram your mind with patterns of extreme wealth, absolute luxury, total opulence, success and exquisite relaxation. These specific videos will make you to be a person who feels comfortable, cheerful and happy living in the midst of luxuries: yachts, mansions, havens, beautiful cars, etc. This is what will form part of your subconscious reality and arriving deep in you, will emerge to your daily life, to your every day life.

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