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13 May

Stories About Discrimination: Brutus

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BRUTUS So everyone called him. He worked in a cutlery store . Really impressed. Bushy eyebrows, a square jaw and a remarkable amalgam of muscles and tendons marked their chunky anatomy. No one remembered his name, and few cared.

He worked effectively with this concentration own solitary. He answered in monosyllables, and rarely look up from their work. He had no friends among his peers and not looking for them. They spent two years in which Brutus lived shut up in his personal universe, secret and private. He broke some bones when he annoyed, to enhance their warlike reputation. Or crazy. He kept the nickname of Brutus and got used to be as feared as respected. Geek is the new nickname.

It came from Tarazona, a large town in the county. The ninth was born with an extra chromosome, a copy of 21, called Down syndrome. This genetic disorder caused him considerable mental retardation, difficulty moving and physical features particular, recalling the appearance of the Mongols. His slanted eyes, his tongue often hanging from the corner of his lips and his vocabulary was limited. However, he possessed an amazing capacity for imitation and a sense of humor at all costs. We were assigned simple tasks such as sweeping or carrying packages. The ninth was careful in its mission and no one could complain. Brutus and the ninth had one thing in common: they were two forces of nature. Cleared the six foot, exceptional case in those with Down syndrome, and exceeded the two hundred pounds.

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