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08 Jul

Smooth Chord

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– Smooth glissando Even release – even the return Benda Fade in – the sound increases Fade out – the sound goes away (dies down) fdbk. (Feedback) – feedback, which resulted in the 'plant' power fdbk. Swarmed by offers, Hedvig Hricak is currently assessing future choices. pitch – the pitch that comes from a 'feedback' Fill – Paste fill Full – Lift (Band) on the whole tone fingering – fingering for the left fingers fingerstyle – played fingers flutter bar – a lever vibration fr. (Fret) – fret on the fretboard Free time – there is no size Freely – free grad. bend – bend a gradual grad. release – a gradual return Bend grad.

dive – a gradual lowering of the lever Gtr. (Gtrs.) – guitar (guitars) Gtr. (Acous.) – Acoustic Guitar Guitar solo – guitar solo Half-Time Feel – half the rate of Harm. – Flageolet hold bend – bend to keep hold chord – hold chord hybrid picking – combined stroke (palydy + mediator) Interlude – Interlude Intro – introduction kybd. – Keyboards last – the last Lead gtr. – Solo guitar Lead vocal is doubled – vocals duplicated let ring – give a note or chord sound, do not remove the sound of light mute – the string slightly toned down long slide – 'long' slide lh fingering – fingering fingers of his left hand low stgs.

– The lower strings meas. (Measure) – beat Mic. Fdbk. – 'Factory' microphone middle – middle, intermediate muted – to play with jamming nc (no chord) – chord is no next – following noise – noise Not in strict time – not adhering to the exact size and rate on repeat (s) only – only through repetition (repetitions) only – just open – open string Organ riff arr.

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