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14 Dec

Segmented Marketing

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In this article, I intend to divide a little of my experiences in the subject, after conquering resulted of success in campaigns of niche marketing, acting mainly in blogs. Cases of blogs exist that they are has much time in air and now they only start to relieve fruits, others nor arrive to relieve. In this business two things are basic: excellent content and hearing. To create an information channel that attracts public and companies advertiser is constant work. If you want to gain money you must offer to its customer (advertiser) return of investment. The one success blog is in the interatividade with its visitors and followers. For this, its communication channel is necessary alimentary constantly and to attract each time more accesses with positive experience, that is, to satisfy the interest, to solve the necessity of that public who arrived until you. It makes the possible one to deliver complete information on the subjects that it is approaching, so that the announcement of the product or propagated service is as one complementary information what it is searching.

For example, if you act as a diffuser of related content the sport and its hearing is mainly of sport practitioners, the announced products will have to be pertinent to this profile. It offers spaces for propagation of esportivos article announcements, esportivo clothes and etc He imagines that visitor who entered in its blog to read an article on race, can be interested itself for that tennis for corridor that banner of its advertiser she offers in promotion. A good strategy also is to create promotions to premiar and to please its followers, they are basic in the spreading of its blog. These promotions can be made possible in partnership with its advertiser. If the content that you disponibiliza attract the interest public, and its hearing grows each time more, its first mission already was fulfilled.

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