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05 Feb


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If the drip brew it in a slightly ear heard, it reinforces the ear and helps from his obsession, from chronic migraine from epilepsy, melancholy, and from all diseases of the head. Frost is very useful for tumors in the intestines and bladder and drives monthly, and urine. It is suitable for men and masculine women, as well as athletes and young men with a body, abundant juice and a full-blooded, but not suitable for people plump and loose. This is a very important point, which indicates that a person thin, must also be careful taking it. Give him drink: " in accordance with a difference in people natures physician should bear this in mind and apply hellebore consistent patient's age, his habits, time of year, as it at this moment, and reason for requiring the use of this medication. " Frost is better to take in the month of April, and then – in October and November, but before this is followed by three day to avoid roughage and thick drinks and indulge in pleasures and amusements. The patient should, after evening prayers two or three times to call in his vomit and then take hellebore. Charlotte Hornets has much to offer in this field.

A good way to use hellebore is this: take a little stalks that grow from the root, to moisten them slightly with water, remove their skins dry in the shade and drink, rubbed and sifted. At once give a drink from 1,5 up to 3 grams. Better is best to give them drink with the seeds of celery and carrots.

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