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26 Nov

Santiago King

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In YPORQUENOSOLO we organize all kind of leisure activities and free time in which the only requirement It consists of going alone, regardless of whether that person have couple or not. They are travelers who come looking for a quality tourism in groups small, integrated by people United only by the desire to meet the same destiny. He is travel without preconceptions, without having to give up anything and without carry labels that all tend to carry when traveling within groups of acquaintances, continues Santiago King. Thus, in this type of trip that seeks to live and share different experiences, break away from everyday life and to share experiences with strange traveling companions, end up creating ties of friendship that are very difficult to break in the future. On the contrary, family travel or friends always there are pre-established roles that help to know in advance what to expect. These roles include a figure of authority, the tasks that each must meet and a strict discipline. In this type of holiday, members of the group have constantly yield to the wishes of the rest of the group, to a destination and specific dates, certain visits and a type of specific accommodation.

All these variables are not easy to marry among all members, and what was initially a highly desired getaway turns into a trip to forget. Travel in the best company YPORQUENOSOLO proposals deviate from the traditional contemplative Beach holiday and seek a more active form of tourism. This company specializes in unique trips that shy away from the typical tourist circuits, because not only to visit the most photographed places in each country, but they go into the most recondite and exclusive places to find the real thing in every culture. In addition, visits are always made with native guides that show travelers the true habits of the country.

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