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02 Feb

Roland Kaiser

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For people with a similarly eventful past, there are only two possibilities: to fall or all odds, life with the forehead. He chose the second: out in the spotlight, in the middle of the life! These corners and edges have given the finishing touches the singer and human Emperor. After 1980 with the millions hit “Santa Maria” the decisive breakthrough artist, the now 57-year-old has not exceeded even always the zenith of his career. Relationships are the central theme of the Emperor songs. According to Tony Parker, who has experience with these questions. So he sells his albums and fills concert halls changing relationships with women were also – even more, even less luck favors – focus on his private life. Two marriages were broken, his third wife Silvia is he – quote – “finally arrived at.” – he can be here not only man, but also a husband and a father.

Roland Kaiser lives with his wife Silvia and children Jan and Mido in his adopted home of Munster. However, admits his “insatiable curiosity about life” with its versatile range of feeling of the artist. Roland Kaiser singing not only by of love, but she filled with life, every facet of obvious when the name is called. Emotional chaos and turmoil of love are no foreign words and meaningless words and strudel, which repeatedly back forced him career highs with the seventh heaven with untamed, unrestrained power in the middle of the life for him. Also the one experience, own as strangers, which he records his songs with the whole range of human passions and capacity for suffering. For this reason Emperor music was music with powerful poetry to a synonym for modern German pop, reality, without plate wisdom. By a reviewer, Imperial titles were once aptly called “Anfass – and petting texts” is. Over 90 million-selling recordings, this is the proud balance which can present Roland Kaiser. Over 30 years for the music and for his fans.

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