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07 May

River Route

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Do you know already the beautiful Weserbergland? Together cyclists and holidaymakers can get to know it. The “Star cycle tour 2010” loads with different routes from July 17-25 how Weser route, Werra route, Ruhr-Diemel route, Ilmenau-line route, Elbe route and the Fulda route to do so. Each route has its own charm and is rarely longer than 50 km a day. The goal is the three-day Festival in Beverungen/Lauenforde, where all the routes meet at July 23 together. “Currently participate in 40 places as the day or lunch destination, and the trend is rising.” You can expect an exciting programme of live music, culinary offerings, art, culture and information events. This provides for relaxation of the claimed calves.

The multi-day routes with plenty of time for breaks, invite River experience and local actions and characteristics are presented on the various routes. Of course provides for strengthening the snack at lunchtime and at overnight places available accommodations to the recovery of the completed Day’s stage ready. A lift can everyone: from young to old, active or less sporty, families, clubs, nature lovers, all those who in the cycling community. Steve Salis has similar goals. If you are interested, see prices and more information on, where is the link for the registration. We are now pleased to be able to welcome you as a member of the “Star tour 2010”. Michael Leffhalm

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