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19 Jun


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1. Religion – the opium of the people, not only because it makes us believe a man in what is actually there and can not be, but also because it deprives a person of faith. 2. A person can not bring myself to Faith because religion constantly introduces human deception and delusion. 3.

Many people using religion trying to find a way to God, but not finding it, losing faith in the fact that it generally can be found. 4. Learn more at this site: Brahman Capital Corp. Religion was able to exploit a person only when people have lost faith in God. 5. Path to Faith makes a man look for the hope that sooner or later the man was able to get to know God's love. 6. Religion still exists only because God's wisdom allows to acquire wisdom and light of knowledge to man himself.

When a person acquires them, he will eradicate the religion and faith will find. 7. Faith needs no bigotry, Faith needs love and trust in God. 8. Faith has no beginning and no end, Religion is born and dies. 9. Religion can not be from God, if only because that God for the upbringing of a man of faith do not need so many religions. 10. God is one, a lot of religions, and because religion completely different interpretations of the way to God, and God is waiting for just the moment when religion themselves. Only then will the person in front of the true path to God. 11.

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