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29 Nov


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The Spanish Association for quality acoustics (AECOR) will have a very active presence in Tecniacustica 2010, Congress which encompasses to the forty-first National Congress of acoustics and the 6 th Iberian Conference of acoustics. The event this year will be held in Leon, Spain from 13 to 15 October and will bring together the professionals of the sector through lectures and demonstrations of products and services, which will be released the scientific advances of the acoustics in its more technical aspect and in the implementation of DB-HR. The first presentation of AECOR will focus on acoustic rehabilitation in buildings, and will propose an extension of the scope of the DB-HR, focused primarily on the new construction standard. Rehabilitation is an area booming and its acoustic conditioning must ensure comfort it is suitable and adapted to the regulations. AECOR will propose that the demands of the DB-HR application should also be in the rehabilitation activities, and will do so with some performances in buildings type where the requirements of the regulations are met and studies its economic impact. In the second paper will expose an interesting work of intercomparison organized by the quality of this type of service provider asociacionen. The campaign was carried out during 2009 and consisted of intercomparison exercises between two laboratories and scopes proficiency tests of acoustics in the building, such as environmental acoustics and vibrations. This type of comparative are necessary for testing laboratories, they are already accredited or not, insofar as they are a fundamental aspect in the quality assurance procedure (UNE EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2005), as well as an objective method to evaluate and demonstrate the reliability of their results.

About Tecniacustica 2010 Tecniacustica 2010 will be the forum where the most recent work carried out in the different fields of acoustics, will be presented every day and with greater intensity matters is present in the technological development of the current society in such activities as work, leisure and culture, still a matter of special attention in universities, colleges and professional associations, municipalities, institutions and companies. This Congress will be organized jointly by the Spanish society of acoustics (be), the laboratory of acoustics of the school technique Superior engineers industrial and computer science of the University of Leon, the Institute of acoustics – CSIC – and Sociedade Portuguesa de acoustics (SPA), in addition to having the support of the European Acoustics Association (EAA), of the International Commission for acoustics (ICA) and the Spanish Association for quality acoustics (AECOR). The University of Leon, the Diputacion Provincial de Leon, Leon City Council and the Chamber of Commerce of Leon are collaborating entities of this edition.

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