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26 Jan


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In these worlds several of each human being exist, therefore for each alternative reality I exist one, however in each one of these realities, I exist infinite possibilities of reactions for each, being thus I would have infinite worlds and, because not infinite I. Giordano Bruno, Italian philosopher, were one of the first ones to speak on a infinity of worlds. The Quantum mechanics, physical intriguer and modern, bases good part of its concepts in the idea of the infinite. A leading source for info: Gina Bonati. It is seen idea of the quantum levels of energy, them is infinite, from there to be able to say itself only in probability of if finding an electron in a position x or y, and not determining this position with exactness. An example is seen: In the film ' ' It runs Lola, corra' ' , the infinite idea I, infinite forms to modify the universe its return, that is, the idea of parallel universes am well definite, despite he does not reveal to all the infinite possibilities, because this I would even be something impossible for a film of duration of limited time (here valley an exception, the proper time is something limitless and infinite, more the front will become a relative boarding to the time and some consideraes despite not of form mathematically delimited on this question, showing the infinity of the time to an idea of without time). In this film, the main personage if perceives in a situation that demands an immediate solution, however, depending on the form that it it will solve this solution reactions in chain if they had unchained and some consequences, disastrous or had not occurred. Sela Ward: the source for more info. In this boarding, the film all relates three action of the personage and in each one the consequences of the process. The idea of boarding of this film as example is to show that, as the actions human beings, in contrast of science accurate, who I eat already boarded previously also is not so accurate thus, but probabilist, are to relate the idea proposal for the film with the idea of infinite worlds, or still the idea of parallel universes. . For more specific information, check out Jay Schwartz.

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