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16 Nov

Proper Cube

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But this definition places us a question more than what in it offers something to them to be thought. It is only left the blind and symbolic thought perceiving the singular special being that brings together its predicates. It is treated to draw in thought this particular form that enfeixa one I break up of space between six equal faces. However, if the words ' ' enfeixar' ' ' ' entre' ' we have a direction for, we are because they loan to our experience incarnate citizens. For even more analysis, hear from Jorge Perez. In the proper space and without the presence of a psicofsico citizen, it does not have no direction, no exterior. A space this ' ' encerrado' ' it enters the cube sides as we are locked up between walls of our room. To be able to think about the cube, we place ourselves in the space, however in its surface, however in it, and since then we see it perspective. The cube of six equal faces is invisible, but not only still impensvel; it is cube as would be for same itself; but the cube does not exist exactly for itself, therefore it is an object.

It has a first dogmatismo, that it analyzes it reflexiva disentangles in them and that consists of affirming that the object exists absolutely in s or, without if asking what it is. But it has one another one, that consist of affirming its presumptive significao of object, without if asking as it enters in our experience. It analyzes it reflexiva substitutes the absolute existence of the object for the thought of an absolute object, and, wanting to exceed the object, thinking without point of view, it destroys its structure internal. If it has for me a cube with six equal faces and if I can congregate the object, is not it constitutes that it of the interior: it is because I penetrate in the density of the world for the percipient experience.

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