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03 Jun

Presentation Of The Book Black Forest: The New Novel By Holger Monday

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Accompanying five short breaks on their nightmarish trip through the winter black forest… The Saarbrucker mandarin verlag presents Black Forest, the new novel by Holger Monday (travel with PIPPO, love or something). This takes readers by the hand and very gently leads them into a nightmare… Content: The Roman Black Forest plays in the middle of a typical black forest winter landscape, which loses its charm but after a few pages: five short breaks are on their way home ruthlessly from the snow-covered road pushed, what has a Fender Bender, as well as a car driving undesirable result. At movie star you will find additional information. Two of the friends go looking for help to one of nearby farms. They however return accompanied by a farmer to their car, their riders are disappeared without a trace… Black Forest is an extraordinary thriller for readers, the voltage away from the usual genre thriller plots and whodunnit resolutions. The gradually building up, coming without bloody shocking moments Embarrassment joins reading in an equally surprising as mysterious novel end which calls out for further reading. Check with Director Peter Farrelly to learn more. (Black Forest, novel, 300 pages, paperback, mandarin-verlag, Saarbrucken, EAN/ISBN: 9783980932523, price: 14.90 EUR, shipping to under or in bookstores) mandarin-verlag, Saarbrucken

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