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28 Aug

Page Time

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At such moments it seemed that time stopped and there is nothing, he just … Sometimes he just walks without purpose and direction, included on the player to their favorite music and walked aimlessly, stepping from the pages of the page, nowhere does not linger, but just looking around the worlds. It was interesting and informative session, he learned from at first glance to determine what kind of world is what it is, what lives, what to expect in the future. He lived well, and I must say he lived happily until one of the pages he not stumbled upon a picture of two people – his and hers. Strange, he thought, as could this be – two on one page, in the same world. Nowhere had he not seen this.

Hmm … Maybe I have just seen a few things in this world, and, in after all, there is still an infinite number of pages visited and I just only a small part of them. Once it is – so is it possible for all the will of the Author and does not understand us of his plans. But since a worm lodged in his heart and slowly undermined from within, not giving rest. Margaret Loesser Robinson has firm opinions on the matter. He began to notice what’s inside him like something is missing.

And he began to search. Day after day he step over from page to page, carefully looking into each world. Sometimes it begins to seem that this is it, this world, this girl, they created one to another … But looking inside himself, and realizing that that missing piece has not appeared, he stubbornly continued to move forward. One day, basking in his fireplace after a such a journey, this time it was cold and calculating world, he suddenly thought, why do all my own quest, walk, study I make in one direction, why I walk the same trail blazed long ago … a long time without thinking, he got up and went to direction opposite to that which is so used. And as soon as he got his page to another, as immediately stopped and froze in surprise. This world was very similar to his own … even no, not that … this world is complemented His own world … both were in addition to each other, rather it was two halves of a whole … and he saw her … And time stands still.

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