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27 Jan

Package Screenprint

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Application of the logo on the package by serigraphy – fairly common way of printing on packages and other surfaces. Screen printing – explains its essence is in the name of the method, which involves in drawing the image through special templates. The paint is forced through the nets (screens, stencils) and recorded on the surface through a special drying process. Number of colors is not limited. The only rule – for each color is your stencil.

Obtained in this way the image is big, convex. Distribution of application of the logo on packages of paper silk-screen printing is also explained by the fact that the packet is high-quality, representative. Which in turn confirms the reliability and representativeness of the company. Also, another advantage of this method is the stability of the decoration to the effects of environmental resistance colorful paints and as a consequence of an increase in the life of the package itself. A larger time increases, in turn, the number of consumers who saw and remembered the image on package. Special attention when applying the logo on the package serigraphy pay prepress: the preparation of paints, surfaces, etc. Used in the process of printing inks contain more pigment than paint used in other printing technologies.

This provides a good high brightness and good coverage, but we need to pay special attention to the process of drying. It is determined by the solvent used and the composition of the paint. When milestones of their clear benefits: the ability to manufacture small-circulation, reliability, brilliance, resilience, this way of drawing the logo on the package has some drawbacks. One significant drawback is dependence on the skills of the master printer. Since screen printing in a predominantly – it's manual labor. No less significant drawback is the poor quality of the application of small images. This restriction obtained from the use of stencils for applying paint, which is difficult enough to implement print images are not large scale. However, modern science and progress do not stand still. Constantly is updated as materials and manufacturing technologies. Expects that in the near future, and silk-screen printing

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