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23 Dec

Ortiz Guarani

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TALENTED young PARAGUAYAN of 16 years creates dictionary translator GUARANI to INTERNET read original (click): hereby want to introduce an initiative created and currently developed by a Paraguayan youth of just 16 years of age, a work that undoubtedly will mark a very important step in the expansion and positioning of the Guarani language on the internet. He is the translator dictionary created by Diego Alejandro Gavilan Knight iGuarani student of the average, the specialty of computer science of the technical Colegio Nacional de Asuncion. This new dictionary online Spanish translator Guarani is in full development and once completed it will enable not only translation of the Spanish words Guarani and vice versa but that you will also have the ability to translate phrases. In July of this year, after making the last corrections of the dictionary, I decided the creation of the first translator of full texts of Spanish Guarani and after a few weeks, after designing the system, I started to develop the engine on the site says Diego who submit your creation at the technical Expo 2010 on October 7 in Asuncion as part of their practical work. Does this translator currently boasts a 6135 words drawn from dictionaries to which Diego has access, such as: Ne? ryru Natalia Canese Krivoshein – Feliciano Acosta Alcaraz. Dictionary Spanish – Guarani, Guarani-Castilian Anotonio Guasch, S.J. Diego Ortiz, Editorial Guarani S.J.Diccionario Pegasus.

To see it in operation enough to access the site where you can send your suggestions and comments. Because of the significance that this tool could mean in the strengthening of the Guarani language and its incorporation to today’s technological world, from the Paraguayan Cultural Center in Washington DC and the Regional of the Ateneo of language and culture Guarani of the American capital do extend the invitation to join the team in support of this initiative that deserves our recognition and full support. Diego needs all of us to continue to enrich this admirable work, therefore we invited those who can collaborate with their knowledge in the area of the Guarani language, with its economic contribution to the maintenance of the server and other expenses that require this type of undertaking.

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