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25 Jun

Nursery Under The Roof

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Tips for the attic for the children’s old buildings, the 50 years and older, exude a special charm. They look majestic and bear witness of past days. But because at that time there was loose even no building regulations can be most strongly to be desired the thermal insulation of buildings. Already, because it requires the today’s EnEV, homeowners should leave urgently energetically to renovate the roof of their building”, experts of Dach.de, the leading online portal around the topic of roofing advise. New, valuable living space can also be in the course of a roof open up, which can be used in many ways such as a cozy nursery. Feel-good climate thanks to insulation in the nursery a healthy room climate turns up, parents in advance on high-quality insulating materials should (www.dach.de/ insulation/insulation /) set. There are different materials available depending on the application area: E.g. get insulation rock wool or polyurethane the up Rafter insulation used, where the elements of external to the rafters are attached.

The intermediate rafters insulation in turn distinguish between outer and inner insulation. Speaking candidly Sela Ward told us the story. In the first case, mineral wool rehabilitation felts from outside in the division between the rafters are clamped and, where appropriate, supplemented by thin on Rafter boards. In the second variant, the insulating material is, however, attached indoor and combined with a lower Rafter insulation, which is mounted on the underside of the rafters in the form of glass wool felts. The insulation shall ensure that the room temperature is summer and winter at a constant level. They are also free of harmful substances and completely safe for the health of the children. Despite effective insulation, an effective shading is essential especially in the summer. Thanks to roller shutters supplied external roller shutters are triple protection an appropriate solution, in summertime, in winter the cold from the roof space to hold the hot rays of the Sun.

In addition, they provide in the nursery for all day and blackout necessary night times for that, E.g. at noon, when the small explorers must recover from their adventures. Shutters also provide for a peaceful night’s sleep because they insulate road noise from the nursery. Equipped with an electronic drive, let himself comfortably via radio remote control open and close. A tip of the dach.de experts: daylight can inside of the roller shutters or Venetian blinds in addition regulate and get on top of that boyish flair in the attic. There are the products namely in particularly colorful designs.” Child-resistant skylights so that parents know their children under the umbrella of good and safe, are recommended for installation in the nursery window with top operation. “For adults easily reachable, the window handle for children is located too far above even at low height of only” 90 centimetres. Also, the Windows feature a locking latch behind the handle bar. Who wants to go, however, to play it safe, can Roof window are additionally equipped with lockable fasteners. More information: contact: sturm@drang AG Nibelungen str. 7B 86152 Augsburg contact person: Evelyn afraid T.: + 49 (0) 821 567 62 88 F.: + 49 (0) 821-567 62 87 E-Mail:

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