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01 Jun

New Priority Gmail

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Recently Google has announced new features for its Gmail email service, functions which in my personal point of view think it me wonderful since in my case a very large amount of emails I receive and it takes me long time identifying those post of utmost importance. Now with this tool, everything will be much more easy, it have already been testing several days and because the results have been much more than expected. Even so the company says the new feature adapts to our needs and improving the way of classifying messages that can be important for us. Here I share 4 ways you can use this new and magnificent function. The Google team has done a great job. Learn more at: Sela Ward.

1 Create custom relevance filters. If there are certain senders or keywords that you want to always be they marked as important (or not), you can configure a filter that these messages are always marked as important or, on the contrary, so they are never marked as such. 2. Create your own tags for different categories and display them in different sections. You can customize up to three sections to show any of the tags you choose. For example, you can place all messages from your family in a section, all messages from your friends in another, and all of your co-workers in another. You can customize your sections to display any of the labels that you want; to do this, simply click on the title of the section that you would like to modify, select more options and choose a label.

3 Read only the most important messages and leave everything else for later. Priority contains only important messages? Go to the priority tab in the settings menu, changes exceeding important section and removes the middle section. When you return to priority, there will only be two sections: important and everything else.

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