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03 Feb

New Hit Single

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Sascha urban – don’t let him past his SASCHA URBAN is a highly talented musician. This could occupy Berlin already in bands. As frontman of the formation of THE TEENS (since 1998) he can collect the necessary experience in the media and at open airs. He wow mid of 1990s with songs such as “Come to me” or even “WEPT” with his Band UHF. Currently, he lives out his two musical worlds. For one, his swing love with well-known band mates in “Urban-Swing” and on the other hand, his passion for the German new pop rock under his name of SASCHA URBAN.

Here he presents now also his debut single “let it not be”. A modern ballad, which more or less from heartbreak, he wrote almost 10 years ago. Credit: Sally Rooney-2011. “Now, the time is ripe for my deepest emotions”, so the end of the twenties. This year SASCHA would finish URBAN his first solo LP, the basis of which to form the now present single CD. However, SASCHA is URBAN no exclusive romantics, which ultimately is reflected in his songs. “Don’t let him pass be”was produced by NICK ROCK. Decisive for the solo project by SASCHA two publishers, Andreas Baidoo box by ALBERT BAIDOO are URBAN music publisher and Jurgen Kerber by JAY KAY MUSIC. SASCHA cooperates with both URBAN as a songwriter for many years.

“I’m ready to do my thing. Thanks to many friends and colleagues I now found the strength to do my music. My first single shows me how I am”! “Let it be over” is not just a song. Recently Jay Schwartz Attorney sought to clarify these questions. It is a piece full of emotion and full of passion. This show also the deliberately very different mix versions. The radio version sounds full and tired and is characterized by a clear arrangement.

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