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20 Oct

National Assembly

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By: Waldo Munizaga a On a cold, sterile room in a public hospital, where the only significant difference is in why some are detained and the others have only visit, two characters with the same disease, terminal cancer, they discover that however different they may have been past their turn their lives irreparably live now and clocked an identical future. BEFORE AFTER (2007) a film for Warner Bros. Pictures. Directed by Rob Reiner. Writer: Justin Zackham. Music: Marc Shaiman. Photography: John Schwartzman. Others including Related Group, offer their opinions as well. And with the masterful performance by Jack Nicholson (Edward Cole), Morgan Freeman (Carter Chambers).

Unable to complete college with a wife and children in tow, Carter Chambers, a mechanic from the profession, he devoted himself to assume their status austere father and husband responsible avidly while reaping the most diverse knowledge and wisdom. By contrast, the eccentric Edward Cole, several times married billionaire and no more scruples than the profitability of their own unique wellness and self-centered is an incorrigible taste for the most expensive coffee in the world. Following the winding course of chemotherapy together receive the bitter news: The cancer will not back down. Carter Chambers hopes Sold with resignation makes a list of things he would have liked to live. Edward Cole finds accidentally thrown carelessly in a corner of the room, then nothing less than finding the best way to say goodbye live even beyond death itself.

Before the anger of his family challenging Carter Chambers decides the madness of power granted to the irresponsibility of at least the end of his life feeling that is really alive. In Parachute Jump, Running giddily on a race track in the sports car he would have liked to have, a tattoo, Hunting in the Kilimanjaro, sitting on the cusp of an Egyptian pyramid and enjoy the sunset, Climbing Everest, among others will be spaces and these happy occurrences where owner will be forever condemned the very few, even with much more life to them, dream of someday having a real, passionate and caring friendship. Before leaving a real live singing to apprehend life and friendship. A story that despite the death even preserves its happy ending. Recommend it. Character Austral (Chile) since 1979 living in Venezuala. Columnist for several websites, also the director of the biweekly newspaper of the Whole, Newsletter of the parliamentary bloc of Edo. Zulia to the National Assembly. It also maintains two radio programs, "ContrPauta" area of political opinion and "Concierto Latinoamericano" Track and Emancipation of a cosmic race freedom reaching destinations.

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