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05 Nov

MySpace Has A New Look

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Everyone knows MySpace has fallen on hard times in recent years. It became a fashionable mock him, is like kicking a child while it is fallen. But, MySpace despite the odds and that has a new logo, My___, is trying to return to the stage. The site announced the last week of October, 2010 a major reform that aims to go beyond image adjustments, speaks of a repositioning itself as a social network that can compete with Facebook or Twitter becoming into the importance of social media, but also as a destination for social entertainment for the generation and. This marks the beginning of a turning point for exciting Myspace.

The site has encountered success in recent years thanks to the promotion of groups and celebrities in the pages of video and audio where heavy material is deposited. It seems to be this one of the strongest points and largely what made him to abandon the focus on aspects of network social site. The redesign of MySpace that is now unfolding and to reach all users worldwide by the end of November, offers users personal web pages focused on entertainment, which are updated on the basis of interests. The part important verdaderamenten of the new site is that it is designed to make it easier for users to share new songs, videos and the like, with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, a clear recognition that MySpace is no longer the place for connecting directly with friends. MySpace will feed from the passions of different users, will be a program where mankind can freely express their interests, tastes and aduirir great knowledge around particular themes, a space for the exploration of subcultures. This is still the first step and there will be many more functions, changes, programs and improvements to come. As for the logo, this is what he says about MySpace: support in the logo represents a space where people can express themselves and create, what allows users to customize the logo and make your own. A detail that only MiSpace offer in cyberspace. So far only heard good comments against change and the search for MySpace a new look and a new option of connectivity and interaction between users of the web. As they say out there, it sunset and see! how they are accepted and reach these changes to users and that both may counteract the negative effects of competition in social networks.

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