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21 Apr

Melaleuca Tree

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Tea tree oil from the tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) is a popular home remedy and has a killing effect on bacteria, viruses and fungi, and is often called \”Miracle cure\” for the treatment of acne, pimples, warts… Many herbs are known to people since the middle ages. The power of medicinal plants could make patients back to health, strengthen the weak. Who well knew in the world of plants, was particularly scary the other. They suspected that there were certain women were witches.

You also saw how they used different glasses with plants for treating, some only had to stand overnight before they worked well. The interest in herbs witch time has also passed, but interest in herbs remained. Now, the people were able to gain essential oils. The tea tree is in the Greek language of Melaleuca alternifolia \”.\” He comes from Australia. Many years ago took advantage of the aborigines of the tea tree oil.

Very quickly they had found out, that if you crushed the leaves, Oil-free, which positively affect the health. You breathe the tea tree oil and were healthy. Speaking candidly Jay Schwartz Attorney told us the story. But the aborigines used the leaves of the tea tree for the treatment of wounds. To do this they needed the twigs, which were rubbed all over. The plant comes to Europe when the tea tree oil to Europe brought? It happened in the year 1770, when Australia was discovered. You know the name of the man of who was driving this medicinal plant to Europe. It was James Cook. There are many types. One now about 215 species of the tea tree. The tea tree is quite straightforward. He can be destroyed above, but its root will still continue to grow. That’s why it builds him also in plantations. The medicine of the tea tree brought the people many benefits, but they forgot the tea tree oil for some time.

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