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17 Jul

Marie Lynn Nature

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The “Golden rocking horse 2013” is forgiven: the modular “building blocks of 200” won the coveted prize in the category “For artist and architect”. All components are natural. 200 Modules made of natural beech wood are as toys of the year 2013″in the category of artist and architect with the prestigious audience award the Golden rocking horse” has been awarded. “The jury made up of parents, children, educators and toy experts has chosen the toy by the winner, after they previously the readers of the magazine family & co.” had chosen to the best toys of the year. Children, toys should be fun! It should awaken their creativity and promote the skills. Every year, thousands of new toys appear.

The readers and readers of the journal family & co.”choose each year the toy of the year” from this wide variety. The Golden rocking horse”is the most important audience in Europe for toys. The prize is annually by family media and the Association of the German toy industry award. 200 Cubes made of untreated beech wood make a kit of the new series Marie Lynn-nature”. This series after untreated wooden toys the consumer desire is taken into account. It is quite amazing how many totally different structures may arise from the building blocks that all have the same degree,”Sonja Pruter, product developer at Nripen Ernest & pebbles, says visibly delighted with the big award. The building blocks support just by the greatly reduced design and the complete renunciation of colors. the creativity and imagination of children” In the best three: The jury of children two more toys by goki, toy experts, educators and parents had it not easy this year. Also two Marie Lynn toys in the readers vote on the best three were placed in two other categories. “In the category for kids” the dolls hospital with full equipment and bending dolls of Abe was nominated.

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