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10 Oct


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The Human being is the same in any place is. If of humble clothes it is an Immortal Spirit, if, with a beautiful indumentria it is the same. It Is, in the victory or the defeat, the poverty or the wealth, the compliment or the attack. All must win its challenges. When the person to perceive that she was created by the same GOD, and FROM It received the same ones would honor of all the existing Humanity, will not espelhar itself more in whom she passes for the same tests, but, in JESUS, that It won Exactly, becoming ONE with GOD. Straw of maize Each one walked for its front; for where the spirit had to go, they went; they did not turn over when they went.

Book of Ezequiel Prophet, CAP. 1:12. Of the straw of the maize If cigarrinho even makes one, to be in one cantinho, Freeing its smoke. The roceiro Man, Finishes the supper, and is to delight, the cigarette caretaker. With canequinha of coffee Made for the woman, It he takes off the puffs In way to the filharadas ones That they cannot smoke; For not harming itself. Strap of the spike of the cereal, the hair and the straw, to make after all, its pastime. It rolls the hair ceco In the dry straw; is made its distraction. It is a simple leisure. What badly can make its body all? Clearly that it makes; Therefore no lung, Can use as impulse, Remaining portions of smoke.

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