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19 Dec

Lyric Poetry

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Influenciadopelo Humanismo, the lusitano writer used the fixed form of the sonetopetrarquista, as much in the metric one (decasslaba), how much in the disposal of suasestrofes (two quartetos and two tercetos), beyond other traces of the escolaclssica. The camonianas poetries, as all the poets who search pormeio of the philosophical expression the explanation and expression of the Christian love, possuemuma narrow relation with the ideas of Plato concerning what it is this love. Parao philosopher, exists a sensible world (real world, concrete) and a mundointeligvel (world of the ideas), the first one lives to the shade of as, and the mundointeligvel can (reverse speed) be interpreted as being the Christian Paradise, in which an absolute beauty, a great generator and gerenciador of the world exists, what if it became the great Christian search: God. Being God the paradise Biblical and the absolute beauty, segundoPlato, the only way to arrive at this destination the holy ghost is by means of the love.

This is the great rule of the lyric camonianas. However, the ideas platonistastratam of a celestial, pure love, not flesh time, vulgar, therefore the love flesh time remeteao sin, in contrast of the celestial love that leads the men to the good. The erotismoexistia, but was treat more discrete possible, on account of severidadecrist. Although the renascentistas neoplatnicas influences, are to fcilobservar in lyric of Cames the three ideas that dePlato approaches it to the philosophies: The love, when idealized, it raises the spirit to the point to deproporcionar it contemplation of a extraterrena reality; This love as the great person who orientates of the spirit, must serusado for the good so that thus, the intelligible reality can be illuminated; The love or the platonic contemplation of the loved woman, that is oreflexo of the divine beauty, enobrece the soul and in it executes the incorporal image..

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