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17 Dec

LED Flame

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Enlargement of the product series “PYROSPOT series 10” the pyrometers of the PYROSPOT series 10 “of DIAS infrared are in these days by the flame pyrometer” DSR 10NF “added. Temperature measurements of luminous flames with fluctuating proportion of soot is made possible with this digital working pyrometer. The characteristics of the flame pyrometer are the small response time of just 5 ms (t95) and a transparent visor for a precise adjustment of the measuring object. An optional laser or LED pilot light is also possible. Still, the unit designed especially for the industrial sector, inside rugged compact housing with protective quartz glass for the Vario optics. There are buttons and a display screen, which allow direct setting of the soot factor on the housing. Additional parameters can software side with the program PYROSOFT spot “. Typical areas of application of the flame pyrometer are in addition to the measurement of luminous flame, the usage of coal dust and oil, as well as in incineration plants. (Tushar)

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