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17 Dec

Latin American Transsexuals and Film

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This Thursday the doors of the Ministry of Salvadoran government first opened the transgender community in El Salvador, there was presented the documentary trans, a film depicting the problems faced by transgender girls throughout Latin America. Peruvian production documentary tells how the Latin American transsexuals have to go through situations of social vulnerability police harassment, killings and abuse of all kinds are often sponsored by political and religious leaders. Some of the killings occurred in El Salvador in 2009 took place in the context of the debate on constitutional reform to prohibit gay marriage, despite the fact that the LGBT community did not ask for a marriage law, but a recognition in the Constitution as eligible subjects. The distress over the possibility of gay weddings sold Rep. Rodolfo Parker, who managed to move an entire Catholic Christian community a “phobic” to make the issue the talk daily. Monica Hernandez director (Solidarity Association to Promote Human Development) partnership that works for the rights of transsexuals in El Salvador has the difficulties that have to legalize the statutes of the association. In the last 12 years the Ministry of Interior has consistently denied them to do so because their statutes appeared to defend sexual diversity.

So they had to change the name of the association and its statutes speak of human rights in general. Hernandez says he was until this year, with the new government, when ASPIDH now a The Name of the Rose a was officially recognized as an association that fights for the human rights of transgender and sexual diversity. Trans was sponsored by the Pan American Health Organization, UNAIDS and United Nations Program for Development and was filmed in Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico and Italy.

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