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26 Apr

Language Meaning

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Conceptions of the language Two are the prearistotelian conceptions of the language: naturalismo, and conventionalism. The naturalismo bets by the position of the mimesis, in which the language (component linguistic and ontological) offers a faithful reflection of the reality, and therefore constitutes a heuristic method to reach the knowledge of the reality. The conventionalism denies a direct connection of such form that the use of the names is by social convention (nomoi constructed by ethoi). It denies because the capacity of the language to offer a faithful reflection of the reality. The meaning is a fundamental concept for the philosophy of the language. The concept is watched from a philosophical and net sometimes psychological point of view. Generally, one does not study what individual words or orations can mean, thing for which exists the dictionaries and encyclopedias. Click actress for additional related pages.

Thus then, with respect to the meaning, they have arisen the following questions: which is the nature of the meaning? , what &quot means the word; significado"? , which is the reason by which the expressions have the meaning that they have and not another one? , what expressions have the same meaning that others? and why. How it is possible to compose the orations in " todo" with sense? , they have the parts of a felt oration? and how they can the meaning of the words be known by the men? In a thematic one seemed, it arises the phenomenon from the truth and its relation with the meaning. More than to study what orations are at the moment true, this branch of the philosophy studies what type of meaning can be true or false. Thus then, questions can arise such as: What means that an oration is true? , Can orations without sense be true or false? , They can be true or false the orations that talk about things that do not exist? and They are the orations the ones that are true or false, or it is the use of these the one that really determines its value? With respect to the use of the language, an area of the linguistic pragmatic call, can arise questions such as: What is what in fact we do with the language? , How it is we used that it socially? , How is related the language to the world? and Which is the intention of the language.

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