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01 Jun

Knitting Machine

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Has long been trying to beautify your life, people tend to use very simple materials for a combination of simple forms and patterns with unpretentious, reaching at the same high level of mastery. Knitting originally appeared as a simple utilitarian need, in what turned into an art form. Knits have always valued very highly. For example, in Europe, knitted stockings may initially be only very wealthy people. Knits were a gift, even for kings! In the xiv century in England had special knitting school, who took the poor girls to give them the opportunity to earn.

Thanks to one of those girls in the world appeared knitting machines. Invented by the Englishman William Lee, to facilitate the work of his beloved. But, proud knitter and did not respond to him in return. William decided to try to earn at least – and introduced his car Queen Elizabeth. But the Queen has banned the invention, reasoning that competition with the machines would ruin the poor knitters. William Lee died in poverty, unable to benefit from his own invention. But times have changed.

In Nowadays, this art continues to evolve, enriched by new motives, compositional techniques, modern materials. Knitting requires a significant investment of time and much patience. Most of the women engaged in knitting, sooner or later begin to think about purchasing a knitting machine. Knitting machines now – no problem, unlike recently when it was a very large deficit. Modern Knitting machines provide a great opportunity to realize their creative potential. Thanks to its automatic functions and knitting machines can easily perform complex operations that hand knitting is very tedious. On knitting machines can be linked absolutely everything: from socks and hats to coats and sweaters, as well as manage the process of knitting through a personal computer. One of them is a knitter Silver Reed, which will help you earn money if you're going to knit things for sale or order. Also you can save money, things for his family. Everyone will be happy with new things with minimal effort.

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