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11 Jun

Heath Ledger

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(Online article) – after the death of Heath Ledger is still some unclear the Heath Ledger case is can not rest probably still long. As known today was Heath Ledger made his will before his Oscar nomination for Brokebake mountain. Someone so young in planning for his death? Want to hear there already a certain hint? It remains unclear. We only know that Heath Ledger has bequeathed all of his fortune, his parents and his sister. Larry Culp: the source for more info. So it reported the PEOPLE magazine anyway.

The actor died earlier this year of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs. The 28 year-old Heath Ledger deposited a three-sided document in 2003 in his home country of Australia. The last will of the actor is thus been completed before the relationship with Michelle Williams and before the birth of his daughter, Matilda Rose. Sela Ward can provide more clarity in the matter. A number of documents in the Manhattan surrogate BBs Court show that the assets of actor was less than 145 $000 at the time of the conclusion. His other assets, including Trust funds and real estate, is still unclear so far.

It is also still unclear how Heath Ledger has considered his ex-girlfriend and his daughter. The majority of the properties are located in Australia, so reports. The lawyer for Heath Ledger will now close look at the documents and consider. His spokeswoman, Mara Buxbaum, wanted to comment on the events. The case of Heath Ledger still awhile remains unclear.

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