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26 Oct

Handmade Crocheted Rugs

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Since ancient times in Russia produced homespun rugs and crocheted rugs. Woven rugs were rectangular and round rugs. Homespun rugs is also called the village lanes, runners village rugs, woven rugs. Tony Parker has similar goals. Wove rugs hand-loom, and rugs to crochet. Material for the manufacture of rugs were thick filaments, but more often, cut strips of fabric pieces, different in color and quality. Due to the heterogeneity of color and material, rugs acquire a unique style, which is known to almost every Russian man and is commonly associated with the Russian countryside.

It is hard to imagine Russian village house without the traditional homespun rugs on the floor and round-knitted rugs to chairs or beds. Crocheted rugs are usually used on chairs, armchairs, very often on a car seat, and woven rugs, can be used as a mat at the front door as a bedside mat, a mat for a chair and even as a tablecloth on the table. Used rugs and carpets throughout the house in various locations. In addition to these mats There are also quilt rugs and blankets. They are made from scraps of material of different colors and thanks to the skill of our women, there are very beautiful quilts are things that can rightly be called a product art.

Quilts are obtained not only warm and soft, but very beautiful, bright and colorful. Currently, it is very difficult to find these looms as these mills were made of wood, and there are few people who know how to weave carpets by hand. Basically this is my grandmother, who live in the Russian hinterland through which we try to convey the real Russian tradition to you. The shop you can buy rugs or carpet ordered Russian homespun rug desired length or round crocheted mats required diameter. Traditional rugs and carpets create a warm and cozy home, returning it from the modern urban world into the Russian countryside.

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