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10 Oct

Guitar Cases

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Dynamic balance and panning tracks. When you record tracks from the very beginning to worry about timbre and spatial texture plans and groups. Hard and fast rules that are suitable for all occasions, this issue does not exist. But some general advice would be worthless. Different textural layers better timbre and spatial localization based on the principle of contrast. For example, if the rhythm guitar and electric piano ponaromirovanny right, the bed-strings and keys must be placed on the left.

That is, have like with like. But do not dilute the tools are too far away at the edges, as is blurring the stereo effect, and the application of audio effects which leads to unpleasant surprises. However, the principle – like with like is not always good. If the texture of the "thing" is very rich and varied, this method can not distinguish textures fit. And then you have to go another way, ie, a more detailed localized tone-texture elements – each instrument its place.

Percussion instrumenty.Ih better pan in the center with a small deviation to the left to tom-toms, the right for hi-hat and in different directions for different dishes. Bass. Located in the middle due to a fundamentally impossible localization of low frequency (perhaps excluding the cases of the bass guitar as a solo instrument, for example, 6-string bass guitar). Solo instruments. Because these instruments should sound brighter than all the rest, their should be located near the center or near the left or right. Anticipating a little, I would say that there is a good way to submit a solo instrument clearly and volume.

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