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30 Jul


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Maquiavel detaches the virtue and the richness as opposing forces, in which if they concentrate the essential of the life and the action politics. Richness is the events that are not on the control of the man, the natural course of the things, the destination. The virtue is the quality of the man (and that a prince it must have) to understand ' ' fortuna' ' to guide itself through it to reach its objective (that it is the power and its maintenance). It is the quality to know in accordance with to act of the best form the events, to use to advantage the chances in search of the accomplishment of its end. then in uncurling of the workmanship the author at some moments above offers to ways for blockhouse and preservation of a Government based on the displayed one. It cites some historical moments and in one of these we detach Alexander ' ' The Grande' ' when it offers aid to the Pope so that it occupied the Romanha, perceiving as soon as does not become the fortified Church. With this historical example, it affirms that, the governor has that to take care, therefore that one that promotes the one power another one, loses its, therefore all its efforts now will be suspected to the eyes of new the powerful one, also being able to yield space for a rival. From the force acquired for the Church in the cited event above, Maquiavel suggests the princes who if pass for religious men whenever necessary, therefore people judge more for the vision that for the tato, a time that all can easily see; some few only can feel. The image of the prince has that to be for they see whom it and they hear complete, humanitarian, merciful, sincere. Therefore it must take care with what it leaves its mouth.

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