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05 Aug

Garden Chudzik

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The new single from Schudzik – Zwanzich 12 the song Zwanzich 12 “I had before 2 years on it, as he was called Zwanzich 10”. “Was for the World Cup in South Africa, but somehow the air has gone out of the pill”, says Tom Chudzik, road – and stage-dad, singer / songwriter and mastermind of Klimperkasten Glenn SCHUDZIK. The speech is here from the designated EM anthem Zwanzich 12 “of the Wilhelmshaven trio SCHUDZIK. Jorge Perez : the source for more info. Because remembered Tom Chudzik the text and score sheet in his drawer in February this year, brought the lyrical content on present day version with drummer Marcel Dunker, and brought an acoustic rough draft on the band. According to Toni pad life maxim for me, there are only either/or. “So either fully or entirely!”u0085 “with his co-writer and drummer Marcel Dunker of genius, Chudzik managed to combine the wishes and dreams of 80 million people for this summer only two rows: with Podolski, Lahm and we do fully Klose on thick pants and decide for us sure every game!” What benefit for the troubled German football souls after the experiences of the last years: others celebrated the summer fairy tale in their own country, two years later El Nino Torres ensured that we cancelled our Malle flights and 2010 a Spaniard spat us Carlos Fuyol, in the homemade paella again, this time. Zwanzich 12 “is everything else! The conditions are ideal. Tom Chudzik itself now trembles for the hither from Dusseldorf, with Tim Will he found a congenial guy on the bass for his band SCHUDZIK and the German team has recommended with a great European Championship qualifying for the title in Kiev. So to start the summer fairy tale and Zwanzich 12 “SCHUDZIK provides the soundtrack for the Publing viewings! 3:18 minutes-concentrated power, an uptempo rock track with a chorus that really builds up in the ear canals “Zwanzich 12 you will see that the Cup will go to Germany!” I now hear them from the convertibles at the motorcade from the pubs of the balconies, from the Garden colonies, from the stadiums, at the public viewing, and on the fan mile: Zwanzich 12 “, the anthem of this summer, in the summer of 2012! In the year in which the Cup I hope go to Germany!.

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