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05 Mar

Friend Adriana Castillo

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RESPONSE TO MY DISCIPLE AND FRIEND ADRIANA. Maybe is a little confusing that surrounds this time your mind and your great passion for knowledge is notorious. not exist in you an agent that makes you think more there than you think that multitude of puppets. not me would you do similar questions. as for God, simply taught mankind that I can handle two positions, one in which critical issues relating to God.

Two, one that praises him and praises him for being the creator of the whole universe. but I’ve always said that there is great difference in write something to teach to other towns that the true feeling of the heart. put that you to me is more important clarity in this kind of issues. God tell you many things as maybe you tell them their beautiful eternal glory of my. San Antonio Spurs is the source for more interesting facts. more the feeling of my heart caved in before its majestic greatness. in several of my essays I’ve confessed my profession of faith as philosopher. so it sleeps quietly, because your God is my God and my God is your God.

nothing will mark the difference by something written, than that which already is written in blood. I mean: to the master and Lord, Jesus Christ. neglects the world not expire to a dreamer and an idealist. Therefore the contradiction is not mine, is of the whole of humanity. The song of despair emerges your souvenir of the night when I am. The River knotted sea its stubborn lament. Abandoned as the docks at dawn. It’s time to leave, abandoned oh! Cold Corollas will rain down on my heart. O bilge debris, fierce Cave of shipwrecked! In you the wars and the flights accumulated. It they raised singing birds wings. You tragaste everything you, as the remoteness. Like the sea, like time. Everything in it was wreck! It was joyful time of the assault and the kiss.

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