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17 Aug

Fish! Let’s Jump Games!

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This is a new puzzle game with a wonderful submarine design that would make you feel like a professional diver! Although this free online game at first glance seems quite naive and even childish, is not so simple when it comes to strategy and operations. Free Game Fish! Let’s jump! is based on the principles of the game of ladies and of course have similar rules. Here you have the floor covered with sea animals representing the board and blue fish you must maneuver a fish jumping over another to remove the board. When only one fish is on the board, it means you have passed level. It is necessary that you click with your mouse on the fish and then in a particular place (a star of the sea) where you would like to move it.

The automatic gives insurrections creating circles around this good place, and sometimes there are several possible locations. The fish have to move the chess pieces represent or checkers. That’s why fish can move only a special way. When the player is just beginning this game online, sometimes it hard to understand how it is necessary to move the pieces and at first may think that Fish! Let’s jump! no sense or logic. Not so.

There is a special way of jumping fish may be moved vertically and horizontally, and never in the diagonal direction. Nor can jump over two or three stars of the sea. Your task will be to manage the fish to put them all together and remove the board and leaving no spaces between the remaining fish. Even if there are only two pieces on the board but are located too far one from another … the level is over because you have no other possibilities of jumps. Fish! Let’s jump! becomes easier when you realize the strategy of the game and learn to move the fish properly. Sink the marine world and enjoy its flora and fauna while you are discovering the challenges of this new puzzle game!

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