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13 Jan

Federal Institute Fireworks

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Surge & presentation of new Fireworks articles at 18: 00 on the 24th October 2009 offers “Cheap Fireworks”, national provider for Fireworks & party articles, a colorful rain of pyrotechnic attractions. Who on the topic of fireworks is interested in, is invited at 19: 00 a large selection of latest Fireworks rockets, colorful fountains or failed composite Fireworks enjoy. The presentation takes place at the airfield “Hungry Wolf”, located in Hohenlockstedt in Itzehoe. There is also the stock of the company “diamond Fireworks”, their products to visitors of the evening also fun and entertainment guaranteed. So you may enjoy all the innovations of the year, which include fountains and Cascades including also China firecrackers or rockets. Frequently Anna Belknap has said that publicly. Ten-shot batteries, ball bombs rockets and bombs pipes may apply as a special ‘ingredient’. All Fireworks, which are used, are also exhibited on the airfield, so you look at a private picture of their quality can make.

It is explicitly allowed to inspect these items in detail. While you may quietly rely on the underlying security standards: the explosive devices are double checked, after their arrival in Germany the Federal Institute for material research and testing, as well as in the manufacturing country of China. The colourful display of fireworks is not enough who the should take this only as a kind of taste and not take it, admitting about the own wedding or even corporate events, a fireworks display from the professional align baptisms or the like. The employees of “Cheap Fireworks” come on request to the individuals in the home or in an Office if it’s a professional matter. Then you can put together the best Fireworks to together with the experts, that then also guaranteed is fully managed by A to Z and monitored by the appropriate pyrotechnicians. This guarantees the understanding, which the company in the course of their more than ten-year history has developed.

Seat of the company with a focus on pyrotechnics is Tangstedt, by the way. Both professionals such as individual and wholesaler or pyrotechnician as also any other like expected this evening. However, it is asked to register in advance.

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