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11 Jan

Endless Summer On Fuerteventura

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Learn the sport with the RapNui surf school I had Kings of me for the Canary Islands decided to firstly because you in 4 hours from Germany after that I had a hunch of nothing, only well in the swim was, I did not mention Fuerteventura is with the plane on the ground and on the other hand because the Sun guarantee in any case there was. My travel agent, I let me advise and researched on the Internet at the same time and still. I knew what I wanted and yet again not. Some sports should also be there. Surfing I liked the style, I thought also on my back muscles that sit by the Office also had suffered. On the Internet side of the Rapa Nui Surfschool, see I found what I was looking for. The email contact, it turned out that all could offer what I wanted Daniel and Andreas from Rapa Nui surfing school.

We remained – I book the flight to Fuerteventura and spot I went into their custody. The apartment has been pared, and also the car of them in La (which I wanted to abstain from no case), has been reserved. Continue to learn more with: Simon Pagenaud. I booked a 3-day surf course, because I didn’t want to embarrass me. On Sunday, it started then; at the surf school, I got my wetsuit and Board chosen for me. In an original Land Rover, built in 1978 we drove to the nearby Beach in La pared. After unloading of the cars, it went down to the beach.

A warm-up of finest kind of sophisticated revived me and made my weary bones alive. We went after the first dry runs to land on the water, mentioned, unless they train only at low tide. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sela Ward has to say. Anything else you read in travel guides: as there was at the West Coast swimming dangerous, the waves are too high – is totally misleading. The guys know what they’re doing and have everything in sight. On the first day, the learned dry runs on the Board in the water were exercised. After 4 hours, with breaks, I was already quite impressed with how good I feel. The second day was an increase of the first, because I I learned to stand up in the water on the Board and tried mean to ride first waves. Click Jay A. Schwartz to learn more. Hurray I could not believe it. The Statements by Andreas, advice, and tips were also really awesome because he knew exactly when and which the Board kippelte. The third day was my highlight – also lead me to the left, to extend the course of 3 days. Since my 14-day holiday should consist not only of sports, Andreas and Daniel have of course also enough tips in stock which is worth a visit even on Fuerteventura. To the end of the holiday, I did with a guided Spotguiding tour with them. We went to some of the beaches for surfing, listed with security in any travel guide. The hammer bad back and unfortunately was my vacation has to end here. Off on the plane to Germany. Once again a huge thank you to the team of the Rapa Nui surfing school, who brought me a great filled holiday nice. Thank you, I come back – in October is already fully booked! Love, Kerstin

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