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21 Sep

Electris Federal Commission

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We be followers of the mission? in our company (leaders) a follower of the mission plays a role as important and vital for the human development of a company, in addition to being leader magister, the is in charge of rescue that required human essence so that a company is world class. as what we treat and carry forward our company Electris Federal Commission. A follower is the internal acesor, which promotes change within the company actively osea change operators. They are visionaries are understanding the course of the present to future, in the movement of intelligent enterprise. Credit: Jorge Perez-2011. Concept: The follower of the mission is a true internal consultant, that formula change within the company who works is a collaborator of the company that is chosen and prepared for their activity as such, in conjunction with the magister leader this to make reality the changes proposed and taken as objectives.

Profile of follower: follower of the mission should exercise as well as the leader of the company leadership that as we have already seen is referred to as PROVIDENTIAL, in the sense that cares the people that work, not to be so is useless work which perform the follower. It must be with: passion, preceptor, psychology, perseveransia, fuer za of will and optimism, empathy, capacity analytical of high-level, integrity, ability to build relationships with all kinds of personality, intelligence emosional, capacity for teamwork, ability to detonate the auto-motivation, power of persuasion, ability to listen, intellectual maturity and health. Conclusion: This is the way to achieve the transformation and make system, working on the basis of SEI (Intelligent Enterprise System). See more detailed opinions by reading what Hedvig Hricak offers on the topic.. follower collaborates in the formation of the magister leader leadership, such training is based on the change of basic paradigms and for this is having well defined vision, mission and values of every leader.

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