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16 Sep

Electoral Board

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Marta Bac 20 m summon a silent cry 00.05 h against the bear and the Madrono. We have passed the night more accompanied by that ever, says one of the campers that figure in more than one thousand people who have slept in the Sun. Given the decision of the Electoral Board, they respond that no call has not been done or there will be no manifestation. Sun Assembly indignant prohibits recording to the cameras in four zones of the tent. The Electoral Board prohibits mobilized everything on Saturday and Sunday. Read additional details here: Tony Parker. A new focus for the day of reflection Saturday was convened. The protests and the vote for the next 22-M. LIST: The best slogans VIDEOS of the mobilizations.

The Puerta del Sol has reawakened this Friday quiet with some 300 demonstrators who finally have been bedtime and that, unlike past dawn, have not had to endure rain and their consequent discomfort. The campers say that tonight they have slept more accompanied never already have surpassed 1,000 of persons. Comedian oftentimes addresses this issue. Between eight and 10 in the morning, have replacement forces with breakfast that different neighbors have led them: coffee, biscuits, juice and cookies, why insist on thanking the solidarity, humanism and affection are getting all the people, but ask that nobody takes them more food, because they have everything.At the moment carry collected more than 20,000 signatures solidarity with their movement. While one of its members ensures that a revolution is not organized, a revolution comes, the organization is very present in the camping. In addition to the commissions it has inaugurated a nursery, with juggling and entertainment for the children of families who want to come to Sol. Also to facilitate transit between tents and tarps you have drawn corridors on the floors with white tape. Massive Assembly despite intense sunlight and heat, the morning Assembly has returned to gather hundreds of people.

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