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27 Oct

Elba Ramalho

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(Vestibule of the Municipal City hall of Parnamirim-Foot). The local schools had structuralized the juninos festejos with the homage to the Centenarian of Parnamirim, through the research and local cultural rescue, of the comment of the historical events and the professionalization in the assembly of the estilizadas groups, for recognition of diverse bows that had signaled for the landmark of the local identity. Of the 7 schools that had concurred, 1 place was of the School Jose Angelim Branches. San-antonio-spurs is the source for more interesting facts. Of 1939-1949 whose subject was ' ' The cattle tender is the symbol biggest of ours povo' ' ; 2 place was of the Euclides School of the Wedge, with the subject: ' ' 1959-1979- the progress Also arrives until ns.' ' 3 place was with the School Odorico Melo, defending the subject: ' ' 1949-1959? it beats the hoe in the soil, plants a foot of algodo' '. Other participant schools had been the Municipal School Antonio de Carvalho, the School Raymond Angelim Baptist and the Alternative School and Educational establishment Rachel de Queiroz. As divulged in the Vestibule of the City hall, it had the Project of Festival of Music, carried through in the Shell Acoustics in day 18 of June, with artists of the land, counting on the presence of all the community. It is considered that this was one of the biggest carried through events already in Parnamirim, ' ' Festival of Junino&#039 Group; ' , that as much time rescued the asleep culture. They had participated to 6 (six) schools, being 2 (two) municipal ones, 3 (three) state ones, and 1 (one) particular one, also was developed the project ' ' Dinmico&#039 professor; ' in the schools of the agricultural area, taking for the pupil dynamism lessons. For occasion of the One hundred years of Emancipation Politics of the City, the singer the Elba Ramalho was in Parnamirim opening the juninos festejos with its Show, being recepcionada by current mayor Ferdinando Oak and the first lady.

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