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01 Jun

Don Simplicio

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At his side were those who read the articles in magazines and newspapers, listening to the radio and watched television. In the coffee tables and meetings repudiated the ignorance of previous centuries. In short, we know nothing about anything and so live. That think just about everyone. – And who are almost all? – We and the other intelligent.

Simplicio impassively sipping his cigar smoke slumped in a chair in the bar and scrolls ritually expelled ring, his legs stretched forward and the torso lying in the back. Those who do not know, might have thought that this was a university scholar. But no, it was a tailor proud of your scissors and needles, especially since the time that the governor had given him the coat luxury glossy satin lapels. While the scrolls roamed over his head, prepared to put on record their innate wisdom: – Well, since we are reasoning from scientific implicativamante rotundeces, I welcome it to hear the opinion of you, Don Simplicio, on the great creation of the universe. What's up where the sky? "Said one participant. – What a question puerperal or drawer as they say! Begins where the world ends nothing. – "Where nothing ends, what is? – Well, well … Another thing.

– So many swim and not just one. So what is the terminus of the last something? Curiously inquired his companion. Don Simplicio was silent a moment as sought in his pate a learned response. When found, the innate wisdom exploded in his mouth – The nadisima, that is the big nothing more. – Great, great. That is, the nadisima. I never heard that, "interjected a waiter from the choir that had formed around him. Don Simplicio looked at his watch, showed signs of trouble and asked permission to withdraw. He started to pay by entering a right hand in his pocket, but the waiter spoke again: – No way, my friend, this time pay off the house. Such joint intelligence deserves our unconditional support. Without men of his stature, what would this country. Pag Web: Blog:

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