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30 Jan

Dispora Peace

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Ignoring the fact of them to be responsible for the crucificao of the Messias, it found inconceivable that they lived looking for to be accepted since the first Dispora. Inevitably pain flooded it to it soul. The indifference with that professors and colleagues argued the situation of the Jews during the Second War, occasioned a degradante effect. It gave a entorpecimento situation to it, the heart almost left to it for the mouth. It was in these hours that it looked to find a place that brought it peace. Exactly that an overwhelming peace. It looked some place that had roses red roses. Perhaps therefore never it obtains to relate them with cheap love as as much made it to others.

For it, roses were always synonymous of blood and pain. It liked to be alone there with them. Divagando, without touching never them or feeling to them I smell, therefore it had the certainty of that this became, would not find the fragncia common that the others felt, but I smell yes it aggressive of cool blood. In the truth it feared until leaning in them and having its fingers spotted with the liquid rubro. Inexplicably it was felt understood there in those instants. Little by little it went if calming When leaving all the anxiety already was substituted for the calm there. There then, it was really felt in peace.

Nobody could affirm that the reality was total other people’s. Although as as much other Jews, abominated the traditions, many facts did not pass to it unobserved. Tel Aviv had been created and despite it was a Moiss penalty more not to exist to guide them it a land solely of them, was felt contents. What it folloied more it without a doubt was the hatred for the Fuhrer and its barbarity committed during III the Reich. It desired to a tremendous punishment.

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